What is Leeds SOUP?

An experiment in micro funding, where like minded individuals come together, pitch great ideas, eat soup and vote on the project they think benefits the Leeds community the most.

Leeds SOUP run quarterly events in and around Leeds. Tickets start at £10, with the winning idea taking away 100% of the evening’s takings to make their idea happen.

Our Story

Leeds SOUP has been setup by eight individuals wanting to make a difference and create an opportunity to showcase creativity, whilst being able to give back to the community without self-funding.

The project enables community projects to happen and tangible changes to be seen. Our vision is to change the local community for the better with a quarterly micro funding experiment.

Got an idea that would benefit your community?

All you need to do is submit your proposal in writing to hello@leeds-soup.co.uk, we will then review your idea, and confirm if its will be one of the 4 pitches we discuss at our next event.

Your proposal can be as detailed as you like, but bear in mind you will only have 5 minutes to pitch your idea, so be as succinct as you can!